HT 950MB

  • For frozen 42 ~ fresh 60 truck

  • Perfect performance for big-sized trucks

  • Advanced aerodynamic design of durable ABS cover
    Slim evaporator with high airflow

  • High capacity with high-quality components

  • Easy installation and low maintenance cost

  • Microprocessor based in-cab controller

  • Hot gas heating system
    Multi-temperature system
    2 x TM21 available for high capacity

  • HT-950 MB
    Monoblock design operated by vehicle engine
  • HT-950 MBES
    Monoblock design operated by vehicle engine or electric standby motor


  • HFC R-134a Chlorine zero

 Compressor (engine driven)

  • Model : QP/TM-13
  • Cylinders : 5
  • Displacement : 130cc


  • Automatic hot gas defrost initiated and terminated by cab controller

 Evaporator airflow volume

  • HT-050MINI: 1,100 m3/hr

 DC Voltage option 

  • DC 12V or DC 24V
  • Condenser & Evaporator in one body
  • Engine driven compressor
  • Installation kits
  • In-cab control box